AltaGas donates backpacks to PVUSD students' 2018 school year

On Aug. 9, AltaGas' Administrative Assistant Olivia Lopez said she was very happy to play a part in the company giving back to the community and providing students with supplies that will start them off for what she hopes is a great school year. Pictured with Lopez is Superintendent Charles Bush (left) and board President Sonny Hernandez (right). (Photo by Cathyleen Rice/Palo Verde Unified School District)

On Thursday, Aug. 9, a truckload of backpacks came rolling in at the Palo Verde Unified School District (PVUSD) office, accompanied by the friendly face of Olivia Lopez, the administrative assistant of AltaGas/Blythe Energy Center.

Stopping by to donate school supplies for the new school year, which is currently in full swing as of this past Monday, Aug. 13, AltaGas provided a total of 45 backpacks, all stuffed with the basic essentials such as notebooks, folders, pencil pouches, pencils and pencil sharpeners, which had the said according value of roughly $1,500.

“It’s nice that we’re able to help out and give back to our community in any way that we can, and this happens to be one of the biggest donations we do every year,” said Lopez, noting being happy to be a part of company that made this donation possible.

Taking the burden off families who may not have had the time or money to purchase new backpacks this school year, AltaGas based their donation on giving deserving students the opportunity to fully participate in their education by supplying them with the right tools.

In high spirits at the sight of seeing so many backpacks cover the board room at the PVUSD’s office, PVUSD Superintendent Charles Bush said the district is very fortunate to have such a great group of people willing to help the community.

“We, at Palo Verde Unified appreciate AltaGas for stepping up and taking the lead on helping those in need,” said Bush. “These backpacks will be dispersed to our elementary school sites and will go to students who are in need. Each backpack will help aid our students in having a success school year.”

With the support of AltaGas plant manager Aaron Honor and others who make this annual donation a success every school term, Lopez said she’s hopeful that next year the community patron company will be able to present an even bigger donation.

“Next year, if we could get the school supply list from each elementary school, I’ll be able to stuff the backpacks with even more things that the students need,” said Lopez.

On behalf of AltaGas and PVUSD employees, we hope all returning and new students have a happy and wonderful school year.


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