Blythe's Larry Green team delivers over $3.7K to Scorpions: 'Drive 4 UR School' benefit a win for Twin Palms

On Dec. 19, with campus leadership and students in attendance, the local Larry Green Auto Group team delivered a $3,740.00 check to the Twin Palms High School Scorpions from this past October's Ford Motor Company “Drive 4 UR School” benefit event. (Photo by Carolyn Kribbs/Palo Verde Valley Times)

On Dec. 19, the local Larry Green Auto Group team delivered a $3,740 check to the Twin Palms High School Scorpions from the October Ford Motor Company “Drive 4 UR School” benefit event.

The special morning donation was in conjunction with an awards ceremony for select Twin Palm students.

The donation follows the popular and interactive Larry Green community “Drive 4 UR School” benefit that sees quick and free test drives on provided vehicles, with $20 donated toward the respective school for each test drive.

Palo Verde Unified School District (PVUSD) has slated the funds to help build a “Scorpion Den” and support incentive programs like field trips, sports tournaments, and more.

The Larry Green team has hosted the “Drive 4 UR School” benefit since the fall of 2017.

The interactive fundraiser has helped bring outside corporate funds into the Blythe community toward the greater goal of supporting local youth.

This year, the April “Drive 4 UR School” benefit at Felix J. Appleby Elementary School saw $8,000 donated from the program.

“Being in business in Blythe, it’s super important to support our local schools. We’re watering the plants around us — that’s how we all grow and benefit and advance so that our kids move forward. And when they grow up, they remember to do the same for their next generation of kids,” said Larry Green Auto Group Business Manager Patty Johnson following the Appleby donation. “By continuing to buy cars from us, you’re contributing to the community. When you buy a car or get your oil change at Larry Green, you’re giving back locally. We promise to continue these programs as long as we’re here in Blythe.”

Palo Verde High School (PVHS), Ruth Brown Elementary School, and Margaret White Elementary School have all been previous beneficiaries as well.

Additionally, on Sept. 25, the Larry Green team presented the Joe Wine Recreation Center with $5,120 from the “Drive 4 UR Community” event earlier this year.

“Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community showcase what Ford is all about. We are proud to have the Ford name on our vehicles and to make such a tremendous impact in communities. These donations make a difference every year across the United States and Ford Motor Company is here to help schools and organizations reach their loftiest goals,” stated Ford Motor Company’s Director of U.S. Marketing Matthew VanDyke.


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