'Complete thank you to everybody': Councilmember Burton thanks community for outpour of support after recent health scare

“I just want to reiterate and say – Complete thank you to everybody in the city for their support and prayers. Just glad to be here,” shared Blythe City Councilmember Samuel Burton on Nov. 9.

On Nov. 9, Councilmember Samuel Burton took a moment during the Blythe City Council meeting’s closing public comment to thank the community at-large for the outpour of support following a recent health scare.

“I just want to reiterate and say – Complete thank you to everybody in the city for their support and prayers. Just glad to be here,” shared Burton.

On Oct. 31, the U.S. Army veteran and public official took to social media to offer personal gratitude for the words and prayers.

“Everybody – east coast, west coast, especially Blythe, CDCR (California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation), everybody – thank you so much for your prayers. Thank you for...I’m overwhelmed with the prayers. You know, I was talking to Jesus – and he was like, ‘Man, why you have all these people getting on my nerves about you?’ I’m just grateful to be here; I’m at home, everything worked out fine. But thank y’all for y’all prayers,” shared Burton, who is also a local pastor at the Shiloh Agape Ministries in town. “Don’t stop – don’t be like, ‘Oh, he good.’ No, keep praying. I’ve still got to do some stuff. But I’m OK; I’m at home. I’m going to be taking it easy for a minute, and try to get back on track.”

Burton further thanked Blythe City Council colleagues and leadership at Ironwood State Prison (ISP) for the support, as well as the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP) officials.

“A special shoutout to Dr. (Kenneth) Lucero; when I got over there – they was like, ‘Hey, your doctor’s on top of his game.’ So, Dr. Lucero – thank you sir,” shared Burton. “I had a little episode – something happened, and basically they flew me out. And God is good because – I’m sitting there and they said, ‘You had a heart attack.’”

Burton lauded the work of neighboring Quartzsite, Ariz., med-evac helicopter; paramedics; Mike Wallace; “my military family;” and others for their care and show of support.

“I get to JFK; they run tests – and they said I’m OK. (To) follow up with my cardiologist and stuff – it’s my blood pressure, but they said I’m OK. And they released me. So between a heart attack and getting there, God stepped in. That’s what happened. And I’m grateful – I’m going to take that win. So, thank you for the prayers,” shared Burton, who also thanked his daughters and son DJ. “I love everybody. I ain’t trying to miss nobody; I’m just saying – I love y’all. I’m overwhelmed. I’m grateful to be alive, grateful to be here. (...) And people – if you got high blood pressure, diabetes, whatever: do what the doctor say. Pay attention. And don’t be embarrassed to tell people something’s wrong. I don’t know why we do stuff like that but sometimes you’ve got to say something. (I’ve) got some amazing people in my life that...That looked out for me when I didn’t think – when I thought I was OK. I’m glad they knew me enough to know that I wasn’t OK. And now I’ve got to do my part more; I’m going to have to step up and do mine. So I thank y’all. God bless you, everybody. Merry Christmas, I’m out.”

Never one to miss an opportunity to share some smiles, Burton added:

“But I will tell you this – just, on another note – when they put me in that helicopter? And flew me out? I forgot about all the other stuff. I was like, ‘Look Jesus.’ I was trying to get on Jesus’ nerve. Like, ‘Just let this thing land, please. Forget everything else.’ Y’all was praying for the other stuff – I was praying for the helicopter to land.”


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