Community members, city leadership, and local families came together at 137 W. Hobsonway July 15 to celebrate the soft grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony of Blythe's newest family owned and operated business – KidzMania.

With KidzMania owners Monty and Jenniel Dale in attendance, Blythe Chamber of Commerce leadership formally heralded the indoor playground to town.

"Thank you Monty (and) Jenniel Dale (and the) KidzMania team for opening up this fun new business of bounce house entertainment!" stated the Blythe Chamber of Commerce. "Thank you for supporting our community (and) our town!"

The community event saw attendance from Blythe City Councilmember Samuel Burton, Chamber Board Members Maria Gonzalez, Dr. George Thomas, and Kim Kelley-Dean; 2020 Miss Blythe Chamber of Commerce Savannah Maylynn Hedge, with Miss Blythe Chamber of Commerce youth ambassadors Rebecca Luna and Kenna Marie Elliot; Chamber Ambassadors Manuel Salazar, Joe Caldera, and Katie Bond.

"We moved here and we have kids as well; we wanted to give something to the community – we wanted kids to have something to do. It's more of an option; it is hot outside in the summer, so we wanted to give kids something to do besides the normal. Something different," noted Jenniel.

Originally from Los Angeles, the Dale family is looking forward to providing fun times and entertaining memories to locals at the interactive indoor playground. 

"Besides KidzMania being a family-owned business, we want people to know that everyone is welcome here. We also have autism Sundays. We want to give back to the community as well. That's our main goal here – just to be able to let everyone be welcome and to give back," noted Jenniel. 

Known as Sensory Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., KidzMania is tailored for special needs jumpers to also enjoy the freedom of jumping in a quieter, toned-down environment with others of similar sensitivity. 

With trained staff, the Sunday timeframe offers reduced lighting, less crowding, and a sensory-friendly atmosphere. 

"My husband and I, we have an autistic daughter as well. But my husband has been working with kids with autism for years; for years. And that was something that we wanted to give to kids with special needs," said Jenniel. "We wanted to make sure that everyone was welcome – that's our goal here. Because we do know that some places aren't equipped for everybody. So we wanted to make sure everyone was welcome here."

After a significantly challenging year due to the COVID climate's social and economic impact – the ramifications of which continue to be felt – city leadership recognize the importance of a new business taking root in the Palo Verde Valley for area families. 

"I think it's awesome; I think it's wonderful. And I'm grateful that people want to come and invest in our community," noted Burton. "I wish KidzMania great success. And there's other things that can connect with it. 'What do we have for the local kids?' Hey, we might not be able to go to Disneyland today, but we can come in (to KidzMania) and make some dreams come true. 'Sensory Sunday' for special needs kids – I think that's amazing. Good people, good turnout, good support. And look – it's right next to (Friendz Salon). A mom can come get her hair done at Friendz Salon, drop the kids off at KidzMania – the kids come out having had fun, mom comes out looking glamour shot ready. And it's a win-win."

Currently, the facility offers five bouncing jumper attractions (to include one for toddlers); general admission fees include for ages 1-4, $7, and ages 5-16 is $10 (adults are free). 

Snacks, juice and water are available for purchase; no outside foods or drinks are permitted except water – and socks are a must. 

Two-hour private party reservations, or shared party timeslots, are also offered. 

Reservations are required; for reservation and party inquiries or further details, contact KidzMania at (760) 916-2891.

Also, for additional information, visit KidzMania online at:

"The future – we want to be able to not just open our doors today; we want to be here for years. We want to make our name well-known. Not just in Blythe, but the surrounding cities as well – to let everyone know that they're welcome," said Jenniel. "We want to expand; we want to get bigger. And we want to be here for years and years to come – not just, 'here today, gone tomorrow.'"


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