Palo Verde College’s (PVC) Nursing and Allied Health Department hosted a special pinning ceremony on July 25, to culminate the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) course program completion by 13 local high school students.

With department and college leadership on-hand, the families in attendance applauded the communities newly minted CNAs. The six-week long course served as the inaugural class of Palo Verde Unified School District (PVUSD) and PVC’s partnership in the nursing field for local juniors and sophomores.

“These students took on a good bit this summer. We have an 18-week course that they did in six weeks. They went to school, Monday through Thursday, eight hours a day for these six weeks — in their summer time. And when they had to go to Blythe Post-Acute with (PVC adjunct nursing instructor and VN [Vocational Nurse]) Robin (Flud) to do clinicals, they had to be there at 6:30 in the morning,” said PVC Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Dr. Theresa Cicci. “They made a lot of sacrifices. And they did a wonderful job. They were very mature and very professional — you should be very proud of them.”

Cicci noted the footsteps the honored students were following, in that PVC’s first CNA class was in 1994.

“We are exceedingly proud of them for their work ethic, their ability to persevere — because sometimes it got a little hard — (and) their patience. But basically, we’re really proud and very happy with what we’ve seen with this class of students,” said Dr. Cicci.

The ceremony’s special recognition was presented to Jackie A. Spear for clinical and academic excellence.

Additionally, PVC Nursing Instructor, and the class’ theory instructor, Anjela Bavaro-Ricci announced the students for their formal CNA pinning along with a few words shared by each:

Xena Cameron M. Albania

“I would like to thank my Mom for supporting me. And to those people who gave us (a) chance to learn about CNA. Also, to my classmates that helped me and guide me throughout this course. I had a great experience with great people and I’m very glad that I am a part of this program.”

Aaron John G. Drilon

“I would like to thank my friend, who kept encouraging me to strive and do my best on this program. She became the foundation to my success.”

Cheyenne M. Flud

“I would like to thank my aunt and mom for believing in me and not letting me drop. I would also like to thank Robin for being our instructor and answering our questions even if they weren’t so smart. And happy birthday, Robin. Have plenty of fun with becoming a new age. You have many more things to fulfill in your life.”

Anthony M. Gutierrez

“I would like to thank my parents for supporting me to take this class. I would also like to thank the instructors for teaching and giving me this experience.”

Lizette A. Hernandez

“I would like to thank my teachers, my family, and my friends for encouraging me and for supporting me through this experience. Thanks to Mrs. (Bavaro-)Bacci, Mrs. Silvia, Dr. Cicci and Mrs. Robin. I was able to get the opportunity to start my career in nursing. Thank you for teaching us and for supporting us through this great experience.”

Kiana Rhys P. Ledesma

“I would like to thank my friends and family, especially my mom and dad for helping and supporting me throughout these six stressful weeks. I would also like to thank Mrs. Bavaro-Ricci, Silvia, Robin, and Dr. Cicci for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing program, and for encouraging all of us to do our best.”

Jazlynn C. Lopez

“I would like to thank my mom for always being supportive of everything I do and encouraging me to pass this class. I also would like to thank Valentina for making me laugh every day.”

Briana D. Lorona

“I would like to thank my parents for always being there and helping me with everything. Also want to thank my grandma and tata, who has always been there for me.”

Lindsay H. Murillo

“Thank you, I’m honored to be here. Thank you for being a part of this class. I can’t wait to work as a CNA and see everyone on campus.”

Kayla E. Padilla

“A big thank you to the support system in my life for pushing me to take this course and for helping me when I began to doubt myself.”

Valentina K. Perez

“I would like to thank the instructors for giving me this amazing learning experience. I would also like to thank my peers, like Jazlynn, for making this incredible experience ten times better. Thank you to my family for all the support.”

Karime Silva-Cid

“Karime would like to thank her family and Raymond for supporting her, especially her mom for pushing her to do her best and her nana, for taking time out of her mornings to take her to clinicals and theory classes. She would also like to thank Mrs. (Bavaro-)Ricci and Robin for teaching her everything she needs to know. One last thank you to Silvia, and Dr. Cicci for giving her this opportunity.”

Jackie A. Spear

“I would like to thank my family for all of their love and support during this program. I would also like to give a very special thanks to (Bavaro-)Ricci, Sivlia, Robin, and Dr. Cicci for helping us learn everything in six weeks. I will forever be grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. This program will help me on my journey to becoming a nurse practitioner. Thank you, I love you guys.”

PVC is also opening a fall 2019 CNA course for enrollment.

“We are opening registration for a CNA course this fall 2019 semester involving high school juniors and seniors who wish to take the CNA Course during hours that fit around their school schedules. Theory will be from 2:30 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. every Wednesday and the clinical component will take place from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every other Saturday and Sunday,” said Dr. Cicci. “One clinical day is required each week to successfully complete the CNA Course. Therefore, the every other Saturday and Sunday fulfill that requirement. If any high school junior or senior is interested in this course, or anyone from the public, please call Silvia Lainez, PVC, (at) (760) 921-5504 for more information and to have an application emailed or U.S. mailed to you. Class will begin Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019, from 2:30 (p.m) — 5:20 p.m. at PVC in the Classroom and Laboratory Building room 215. Only 15 seats remaining.”


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