Palo Verde College’s (PVC) Nursing & Allied Health Department hosted a Completion Ceremony for 18 Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), and nine Phlebotomy Technician I students at the campus Assembly Room on Dec. 12.

The newly pinned health professionals were recognized for their earned distinctions.

“I am honored to be here to see these students complete their course of studies; they’ve all done very well. I’ve been here for two years and every time we do this, every semester, it’s really nice to see how well everybody does,” said Nursing & Allied Health Director and Associate Dean Dr. Theresa Cicci in welcoming families and students in attendance. “I would also like to recognize our very dedicated and successful phlebotomy and CNA students. And all of those who supported them to get through this – because we know there’s a lot of babysitting and night study, and those kinds of things. So, spouses, significant others, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, other family members, friends and neighbors. We thank you for supporting these students as they took this course.”

Cicci provided attendees with a bit of history on CNA and phlebotomy, spanning generations across Egypt, the Romans, Greece, World War II, and beyond.

“In 1987, President Ronald Reagan had Congress pass what was called the Omnibus (Budget) Reconciliation Act (OBRA). And this was the first time that standards were set for nursing assistants, and for training, education, and requirement that they be certified,” noted Cicci.

PVC Nursing & Allied Health professors Derek Copple (RN [Registered Nurse]), Robin Flud (LVN [Licensed Vocational Nurse]), Mickey Miranda-Copple (RN), and Liana Perez (RN) were on-hand to pin and present the evening’s distinctions to their class of students.

Cicci and Copple took a moment to also recognize PVC Instructional Services Technician Silvia Lainez and Nursing & Allied Health Counselor Maria Lopez for their commitment to the department and students.

“This is a great accomplishment (for) these graduates tonight. It’s a lot of work; some people think that you just go take a class at the college and that’s all there is to it. But the CNAs, they came and they had an eight-hour clinical day a week. Then they had a three-hour theory day a week. And they really couldn’t miss class. People have had to miss classes for catastrophic type reasons but for the most part, if they miss a couple of classes we’d tell them that we’re going to dismiss them. So, all in all, it’s really a great achievement for them to put in the amount of hours that they put into one semester that’s as rigorous as they go through. Phlebotomy students, same thing – they’ve been going now (for) a year,” said Copple, noting that the phlebotomy students have to have about 50 successful punctures on live patients before completing the course. “Two semesters, and it’s not stopping. Now that they’re finish, they can take the national exam. If they pass the national exam, they can apply for licensure with the state of California. So it’s a process. It’s a long process. And we’re very proud of them.”

Three students were selected by the instructors for exceptional academic achievement and clinical excellence in Brittany A. Lamae; Juliano A. Serrano; and Maria N. Lind.

The evening’s fall 2019 PVC CNA Completion Ceremony graduates were: Shaquila M. Bowen; Maria Del Carmen Camacho; Estefania G. Cardenas; Alejandra Chavez-Saguchi; Maniya L. Delao; Kaitlyn M. Galvez; Selena Hernandez; Cindy Jaurequi; Kenya M. Jones; Brittany A. Lamae; Maria N. Lind; Alexia M. Miranda; Jasmine S. Richardson; Janice A. Rodriguez; Jessica Rojo; Johana G. Salas; Savanna M. Selph; and Juliano A. Serrano.

The fall 2019 PVC Phlebotomy Technician Completion Ceremony graduates were: Eileen B. Alvarez; Aurora L. Contreras; Cassie D. Gallegos; Brandon M. Hill; Devonna S. Johnson; Sabrina D. Malone; Sierra M. Micalizio; Olivia M. Murillo; and Aryanah C. Pacheco.

The PVC Nursing & Allied Health Department also issued a special thanks to the Blythe Post Acute and Palo Verde Healthcare District for use of their facilities.


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