PVUSD award Student of the Month: Appleby's Izel Barrara recognized for her work ethic

Palo Verde Unified School District's October Student of the Month: Izel Barrara with parents, sister and PVUSD board member Jamey Mullion, at the Nov. 5 governing board meeting. (Loaned photo by Cathyleen Rice/Palo Verde Unified School District)

For her kindness, outstanding behavior and hard work displayed at Felix J. Appleby Elementary School, eighth grade student Izel Barrara was named Palo Verde Unified School District’s Student of the Month.

Introduced to PVUSD’s governing board by Jared Rusk, Barrara was complimented for her strong work ethic, dedication to excellence and being a well-respected student to have in class.

As the oldest daughter of Joel and Eva Barrara, Izel is a big sister and role model to younger sibling Nellie.

While she enjoys spending her free time with family, either visiting the zoo, watching movies or simply making conversation, Barrara also appreciates time to herself.

According to Rusk, the 13-year-old also “loves drawing pictures of animals and characters, and is quite the accomplished illustrator (…) Among that, she is also a role model for students at Appleby.”

A dedicated student, Rusk also shared, “Izel works well with others and is always willing to help students who are struggling emotionally or academically. She stays focused on her academics and holds herself to a high standard of achievement (…) In the future, she would like to become a teacher or a nurse.”

Adding to the list of what makes Barrara a standout student, Mrs. Ward stated:

“She contributes to class discussions with thoughtful ideas and feedback, and she is also a vital member of our eighth grade class.”

When absent from school, Barrara is quite known for her stellar communication skills in contacting her teachers and learning what assignments she’s missed for that day.

Ward added: “She greets everyone cheerfully and respectfully, and her attitude toward her peers and toward learning makes her an exemplary student. She is a true leader here at Appleby, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things she will do.”

Rusk further shared: “Izel, we will miss your work ethic, your commitment and your kindness next year when you move on to the high school.”


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