On Sept. 17, the Palo Verde Unified School District’s (PVUSD) governing board recognized Jessi Hancock and Marleny Garcia as Students of the Month.

Introduced to the board by their principals, Cintia Robinson of Ruth Brown Elementary (RBES) and Judith Browder of Twin Palms High School (TPHS), the pair were awarded the accolades in front of the attending public.

Hancock, who is said to be a leader and a well-spoken eighth grade student at RBES, is the daughter of Wyatt and Dawn and the eldest of five children.

Teachers at RBES describe Hancock as a cooperative, hardworking and dedicated student who is always well-prepared, organized and takes great responsibility.

Focusing her time and talent to excel, staff said, “You can always depend on Jessi to set a good example, both socially, as well as academically.”

Mrs. Husby, a RBES staff member shared: “Jessi exhibits multiple positive characteristic traits, but one that stands out the most is her humility. Jessi is extraordinary, because of her sincerity, patience and willingness to serve alongside others.”

When she’s not busy helping others and has the day to herself, Hancock said she enjoys spending time with her family, riding horses, reading books, working on DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and taking dance lessons.

A former teacher of Hancock also shared on the charmed eighth grade’s behalf: “Jessi is an exemplary example of what a district Student of the Month should resemble. Jessi is kindhearted and a sweet person. She’s always cheerful and has a smile on her face that even makes you want to smile.”

After Hancock graduates from high school, she hopes to pursue a career in interior design.

Robinson shared with the board: “We’re very fortunate to have (Jessi) at Ruth Brown and it is my privilege to recognize (her) as our PVUSD elementary Student of the Month.”

Following the elementary Student of the Month, Garcia was honored by Browder with a bouquet of flowers for being recognized as the secondary Student of the Month.

Staff at TPHS said Garcia earned the district title for her stellar dedication and every day quality performance.

Making great strides in her continued academic success, staff not only boast of Garcia’s punctuality and excellent attendance rate, but the perfect 4.0 GPA (Grade Point Average) she attains every quarter.

Since becoming a part of the TPHS family, Garcia has also joined JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps), wherein MSgt. Melvin Walker stated he continues to be impressed with her work ethic and commitment to the program.

Taking on an even larger challenge this semester, Garcia not only takes secondary level courses, but also braves her way through college chemistry, at Palo Verde College (PVC)

Browder shared with the board: “Teachers and other staff agree that Marleny is the consummate student (who) enters each classroom with poise and confidence, while maintaining a high level of respect for everyone, and having that inquisitiveness and drive that makes her strive for excellence in everything she does. We know she will be highly successful in her life pursuits and we are honored to have her. She serves as an example to our school and community of what true commitment and hard work looks like.”


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